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A Welcome Return!

After almost a year and a half off from performing, 447 days to be exact, we could not have been more excited to get back to work! Weeks of rehearsals led us to our post pandemic debut on June 5, 2021 in Nantucket. It was incredible to be back! Playing music together and in front of an awesome crowd. Not going to lie, I was pretty emotional during our first song. It felt so long since we were able to share this moment. It was special. I mean, it's always special. But after so long away from doing what we love, it was hard to control our emotions. I could feel my eyes well up a bit before reminding myself that I was on stage and in the middle of a song. After what we've all been through, I have to think a lot of people on the dance floor felt the same way. It has been an amazing shared experience with the couple's we work with. We are thrilled to be back and look forward to continuing to bring that Free Downloads energy every night!

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