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The Free Downloads specializes in making your day unique and unmatched.   See what we have to offer below, then mix and match to create your perfect occasion!


Set the mood for your guests with a relaxing and uplifting mix of classical and contemporary music.​​

Guitar and Violin is the most popular choice, but other instrumentation is available upon request.

The musicians will learn up to 3 special requests (usually played during the processional and recessional.

Cocktail Hour

​Create a lively ambience by adding live Jazz to transition from the ceremony to the reception.

Our keyboard and saxophone duo offers top quality Jazz at an appropriate volume.


​The Free Downloads Band is unmatched in our ability to energize an audience and keep them dancing all night!

We utilize the best possible sound and lighting equipment to offer a performance that looks and sounds like what you would expect from a professional concert venue.

Extra horns (Trumpet and Trombone) and percussion can be added to the core lineup upon request.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the band willing to learn special requests that aren't on the advertised song list?

A: Absolutely.  The band will learn two new requests per wedding.  If there are additional songs that you don't see on our list but would like to hear, please feel free to suggest them!  There is always a chance that we've already played them at a previous event.

Q: How far will you travel for a performance?

A: We generally service the Rhode Island/Boston area but have gone as far north as Bar Harbor, Maine and as far south as central New Jersey.

Q: My fiancé and I would like our first dance played from an iPod.  Are you guys OK with that?

A: Of course!  We understand that sometimes nothing can match the magic of an original recording, especially if it is one that has a lot of meaning for you personally.


Q: How do you construct the song list for a wedding?

A: We ask that the brides and grooms we work with select 10-15 songs that are *must play* and 20-25 songs that are *do not play*.  We fill in the rest with songs that are consistently well received by guests of all ages.

Q: Will the singers on The Free Downloads website be at our wedding?

A: Yes.  We are not one of those bands that has a different lineup for every wedding.  The Free Downloads has minimal turnover compared to our competition.  In fact, our lead singers and bandleader have been in the group for over 10 years.  The benefits of hiring a rehearsed and experienced band are many: quick transitions between songs, emceeing that sticks to the schedule, overall dependability/professionalism, ability to accommodate requests from guests, great on stage chemistry, etc.


Q: Can we pick the music that you play during the band breaks?

A: Of course!  We will download up to 10 tracks per wedding as a courtesy, and you can absolutely pick the order in which those are played.

Q: I'm concerned that a live band might be too loud.  Will our guests be able to hear themselves talk?

A: We 100% understand this concern.  No one wants to have to strain their voice to have a conversation over dinner, and dancing near the band shouldn't hurt your ears.   Each musician in the group is very mindful of this and knows that there is a certain volume level that needs to be respected on stage at all times.  As a group, we've been able to stay under the decibel limit at venues with the strictest of noise ordinances. 

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